Franklinton Family Photography – McMillan

Country folks can make the best of a bad situation.

We don’t mind getting a little dirty.

We know how to climb a fence.

We can take the heat of the summer sun at 2:00 in the afternoon.

And, boy, was it hot during this Franklinton Family First family photo session.

I would much rather wait for that magic hour or two right before dark, but 2:00 on a Sunday afternoon after church was the best time for both of us.

Not only was it hot, but looming thunderheads threatened us the entire time only to open up right when we wrapped up.

But before then, we country folks took care of ourselves, and we turned a hayfield with a dilapidated barn into an ideal mid-afternoon outdoor portrait studio.

By finding the shade, waiting on a cloud to cover the sun or just turning this family’s backs toward the sun, we made the best of what most photographers would consider a bad situation.

Dang, I love living in the country.

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Varnado Engagement Photography: Spencer + Estay

Many equate engagement photos with those you see in The Era-Leader and The Daily News.

While there is a certain kind of necessity in getting that kind of shot for the paper, engagement photos can be about so much more.

“Having a moment,” my daughter calls it.

That’s why I like to twist in a long lens, stand back, and let the couple have as many moments as they want.

The long lens allows me to stay far enough away that the couple can get comfortable and enjoy each other’s company without even hearing my shutter slap.

Stealing a kiss, a whisper, a tickle… any can set off a series of images that go on the wall rather than in the paper.

Looking down the lens is completely optional at this point.

Having fun with each other is not.

Thomas Wedding Photography: Gaddy + McIntyre

Sunflowers, bees and honey surrounded Bible Baptist Church in Thomas, Louisiana this past Saturday for the Gaddy-McIntyre wedding.

Why sunflowers? According to the bride’s dad, who also officiated the wedding, his daughter brought some home from college one day.

Apparently, some guy named Brett had given them to her at the University of Southern Mississippi.

She planted the seeds, and sunflowers grew right along with their new relationship.

He noticed as they began to grow, the sunflower heads always seemed to be pointing toward the sun when they were in bud stage.

Not only did the sunflowers follow the sun, they resembled the sun.

The message was that for this new Gaddy-McIntyre union to be successful, both have to make sure they follow the son and resemble the son.

Only this time, he changed the spelling.

It was a message that we should all aspire to follow.

Maureen Gaddy - Thank you, Chris, for capturing the beauty and meaning of this marriage. I can’t wait to see all the photos!

chrisginn - You are welcome, Maureen. I enjoyed being able to share in Molly and Brett’s big day and having a small part in capturing some moments they can look back on as they forge their new life together.

Amber Penton - Congrats to the beautiful bride and groom! Beautiful wedding! Looking forward to seeing all of the photos!

Debbie McIntyre - I love these! Can’t wait to see the rest of them. Beautiful!

First Birthday and Cake Smash Photography – Franklinton

Kids today get all the cool stuff.

I had to play Pitfall on an Artari hooked up to a 12-inch black-and-white television.

My little league baseball bat was a metal fence post my dad found in the barn.

And I certainly don’t recall ever getting to smash a birthday cake.

I may not have had to walk barefoot through three miles of snow just to get to school like my dad says he did, but my childhood was more about making do than living it up.

As a result, the  photos in a shoebox somewhere in my parents utility room are more practical than they are playful.

On the other hand, my one-year-old friend Arabella knows how to have a good time… and she has lots of cool stuff.

With her Sock Monkey cake created by Melabelle’s Creational Cakes in Pine positioned in front of her, Arabella smashed her way through her first birthday.

Along the way, I got her to hang out with Mom and Dad for a few minutes.

Not as cool as smashing a cake, I know, but hopefully she can look back on these playful photos one day and remember just how good she had it.

That is until she has to correct her kid’s hologram for running through the house and take away his jet pack.

Ann Creel - Chris you capture the realness of the little Princess and her Mom and Dad. Your work is so natural. I love every bit of it.
Ann Creel

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